Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Buddy B. and I haven't dressed up for Halloween since 2006! I know so sad right?  This year I actually got him to dress up! We dressed up as..... wait I should let you see if you know who we are.

Alright..... if you were able to figure it out, GREAT! If you don't know it's ok, no one at the party we went to knew who we were either. But if you can't sleep tonight not knowing, we were Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory. 

I think for next year I'm going to need to come up with something more creative. But for our first married Halloween it was fun. I made maple sugar cookies, we carved pumpkins, Buddy B made pumpkin seeds (he definitely made it known that he was more interested in the seeds than the actual carving) and we actually got 4 or 5 trick-or-treaters! Normally we only get one or two, but we have increased by 150%!!! There were two little boys, probably 2 and 4 years old soooo cute! Little do they know they've started the baby discussion of 2011. No Baby buddies for at least the next year... but I can tell this is a conversation Buddy B and I will be having for the next 10 months or so... I'll keep you updated.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hot of the Press: Paninis!!

 So I've been really slacking on writing our blog. Weekends are crazy and work is.....work. So I thought I'd write tonight about one of Buddy B's and my favorite wedding gift.... our panini press! We didn't register for this gift, and I didn't think that we'd use it very often. But OMG there is nothing like a warm grilled sandwich. So delicious!

So my next project, I need to find some recipes.  Hey maybe you can help me out? You can post your favorite panini recipe and Buddy B and I will document us making it, and let you know how we like it? Sound good?

So far these are what we've tried:
Turkey with Monterey Jack cheese, tomato, spinach and a honey mustard.
Buddy B. did one with chicken breast, swiss cheese with honey mustard
Up to bat tonight: Roast Beef and Havarti condiments undecided

So help Buddy B and I Panini It Up!

Buddy A.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm not sure Buddy B knows my name

So let me give some background on Buddy B and myself. We are in our mid-twenties. Buddy B owns his own business. I'm so envious that he gets to work for himself. Me on the other hand, I'm a teacher, more specifically a math teacher. Before you say to yourself I hate math, and click next blog WAIT!!  Math is FUN! But I think that might be a blog for another day.

So I was saying, I'm so jealous he works for himself, because during the semester, I feel like I've sold my soul to my students. So much grading and prep work, students emailing you at all hours at the day, and if you don't respond withing 6 hrs, they feel like you're ignoring them. Then throw planning a wedding on top of everything, OMG!  The way our schedule worked out, I also had given 1 exam the week before the wedding, one exam the week of the wedding, and another exam after the wedding, for 3 different courses. WTF was I thinking?

So Sunday, I spent 9 hours straight grading...ok there may or may not have been a Walking Dead marathon on all day.  But yeah the grading was still intense.  Then I taught on Monday, and worked today. I finished grading my 3rd exam tonight. Anyways my whole point in this is that I've literally been a math teacher grading zombie the last few days, I've been so busy I'm convinced that Buddy B. won't recognize me or know my name. But he's been so awesome! I got a massage before bed yesterday, and he made dinner tonight! I must be the luckiest woman in the world! I feel a little badly that I'm not doing my part at home, but maybe when the work craziness dies off, I'll repay the favors.

Oh last night I did make fried chicken for the first time in our new frying pan. I should have taken pictures of it because it was so yummy, so maybe I'm not a terrible wife after all.

Alright I need to get back to being a math zombie... class tomorrow!

Buddy A.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cheers to Six Years!

Today Buddy B. and I are celebrating our six year dating anniversary and our first week married anniversary. Now you might be thinking, "Well that was stupid, why didn't you get married on the same day as your dating anniversary?" And the truth is we did think about it, and almost did. Then we thought that we'd rather celebrate two distinct dates. And we did put a lot of thought into our wedding date, we deliberately put it a week before, so that way when our dates shift to the middle of the week, we will always have a weekend in between that we can celebrate on.  And do you really need a reason to celebrate your love for a whole week? Yeah didn't thinks so.

So Buddy B. and I dated for 6 years, it's amazing to think how much has changed. It's interesting to think about how our relationship has progressed:

Year 1: Being completely infatuated with one another. Wanting to spend every moment with one another. Feeling like Buddy B was the best thing since Mac & Cheese.

Year 2 & 3: Really getting to know each other, things you absolutely love, and things that just drive you nuts.

Year 4 & 5: The comfortable stage, I'm ok with you seeing me without make up  in my sweat pants, I don't even care if you're not wearing deodorant or didn't brush your teeth.

Engagement/Wedding Planning (year 5) :where you literally see each other at your best and at your worst. I think wedding planning is ultimate test for couples, the most extreme team building exercise.  Marriage can't be harder than that right? ;-) 

And now the newly wed stage, and the return of the best of all the years we spent together. We are completely in love like in year 1, but we know each other inside and out from the following years. I'm so happy to reflect on where we've been, enjoy the ride, and look forward to what lies ahead.

So here is to 6 years of Buddy B and I being together, celebrating our first week of marriage, and hoping for many more years to come!

Cheers Everyone!

Buddy A.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A. & B. Buddy Up For Life

Alright, so let's get this blog going. So you're probably wondering what the heck buddied up for life is all about. So in scuba, you dive in pairs, you buddy up. Before you enter the water, you are responsible for checking your buddy's gear. In the water, you stay by your buddy's side, if something goes wrong it up to the two of you to figure it out and make sure you both survive the dive. You also are trained in rescue should your buddy need saving. However, the best part about having a buddy is not  just having someone to save you if you need it, it's actually about sharing the awesome experience of the dive. Being alone together, literally in an endless sea of blue, having your own unique adventure.

This is exactly how I would describe  Buddy B.'s  and my relationship. We are always there to stand by and support each other. Most days just swimming through life, enjoying every minute. When the water is murky and we're not sure what lies ahead, we hold each others hand and hope we don't run into anything we can't handle.

On October 8, 2011 (last Saturday) Buddy B. and I dove into our biggest adventure yet! Yes, we took The Plunge and literally are Buddied Up for Life! It was the happiest day of our lives, and I honestly can't wait to see what this year has in store for us!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned!

Buddy A.